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Facebook is actually working on a function that makes it possible to talk to each other through three company messaging platforms: Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. A Facebook spokesman confirmed at the F8 developers' conference that this functionality is coming.

It has long been rumored that Facebook is working on a universal framework for Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. This should, for example, make it possible to send an encrypted Facebook message to a WhatsApp user or vice versa. At the F8 developers' conference in San Jose, Asha Sharma, consumer products director of Facebook Messenger, confirmed for the first time the advent of "interoperability" between applications.

For Engadget, Sharma said that the function, which she calls "messages between applications," will work the same way as making a phone call. "Again, you do not need to know which carrier the other person is in. You can just call her. The same thing for Facebook's messaging services: the message will come soon, regardless of which application the other person uses," he said. Sharma.

Interoperability is expected to be part of the Facebook LightSpeed ​​Project. This is a new version of the Messenger application for smartphones the company is currently working on. Perhaps the functionality is also in the desktop version of Messenger for Windows and MacOS, which Facebook announced on Tuesday. However, nothing is known about the release dates of these applications and any updates to Instagram and WhatsApp.

The new desktop version of Messenger, which Facebook has just announced


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