Epipen should be present in public spaces as standard & # 39;


She is responding to a Facebook message from American mother Julie Ferrier Berghaus. She asked everyone not to reluctant to use Epipen. With the daughter, in fact, it was not visible that she had an allergic reaction while her condition became critical.

As the symptoms of allergy are not always immediately visible, many people are wary of using the so-called adrenaline autoinjector.

"Consequences are underestimated"

"People often think: I'm going to look for a while, while it may save lives, and it can not hurt to use the self-injector of adrenaline – even if you're perfectly healthy. Marloes Collins of the Allergy Platform explains to EditieNL. "However, I often see young people who – despite their allergies – have none with them. The consequences are greatly underestimated."

Acute allergic reaction

With an adrenaline autoinjector, adrenaline can be injected independently if acute life-threatening allergic reactions occur – for example, for walnuts or bee stings. With the help of this injection, the heart rate accelerates, the blood pressure increases and the blood vessels narrow. Epipen – as many people know about the injector – is one of several variants.

According to Marloes Collins of the Allergy Platform, it would be wise for public spaces such as prefectures and sports clubs to buy an adrenaline gun from now on. "There are tens of thousands of people with severe allergens – not just for food but also for insects. So I think it's a good plan if public places are preparing for emergencies."

Happy with the attention

Stefanie Adelaar is happy with the attention. His son Thijmen, 9, suffers from extremely allergic reactions when he comes in contact with peanuts and nuts. So far he has had to use Epipen five times. "Thank God I've always been there." The strangest thing is that none of those moments were the same, sometimes he just felt nauseous, sometimes worse.

Thijmen also explained to his classmates how the adrenaline self-injector works. "But you can not prepare for panic.After using Epipen, it gets hysterically busy.There are times when the symptoms reappear after the injection.This is because you only suppress the reaction with the injection.That's why it always has two with him ".

Not complicated

It seems to Adelaar a good plan to make the car injector available in public spaces. However, according to her, people should be better informed about its use. "Many people still have very little knowledge about it." According to Collins of the Allergy Platform, this need not be a problem. "The usage is not complicated. Instructions for use are in the pen itself."


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