Ella (4) Receives Mother's Letter from "Heaven" | Abroad


Ella's mother died in December last year after a long illness due to cancer. During the first Mother's Day without her mother, Ella decided to send her a letter. The address on the large envelope: "1 Angel Gate in the clouds, sky".

The letter ended well. Ella received an answer after two days. In the letter, your "mother" thanks for the special card of Mother's Day. "I love you very much Millions, billions and billions, it's how much I love you You'll grow up to be a very intelligent and special girl and I'm very proud of you Even though I'm in heaven, I take care of you every day Much love, hug and mother's kisses.

The girl was very happy with this response, writes to Ella's aunt on Twitter. "A dear stranger from the postal company had the time today to respond to the letter to make a very happy girl!" The biggest smile appeared on his face. "What wonderful people there are." "I can not thank you enough."


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