Dutch Security Council: "The food must be safer, otherwise people will become unnecessarily sick"


This is the conclusion of the Dutch Security Council. Risks are not always properly identified by a poor approach or are discovered too late, with the result that people become unnecessarily ill.

Infections of fruits and vegetables

The board's report shows that the food industry focuses on known risks of the past. "However, due to changing circumstances, food safety risks may occur at a different capacity or increase in severity," the council states.

For example, researchers note that in the United States, fruits and vegetables are seen as the most important cause of foodborne infections, while in the Netherlands this risk is estimated to be very low. "The most remarkable thing is that no research has been done on this difference and it is not known who is closest to the truth."

Horse meat cheat

The Dutch Security Council notes that the Netherlands has been shocked several times in recent years by food incidents, including salmonella in smoked salmon, horse meat fraud and Q fever.

According to the organization, a "firmer" security system is necessary to be able to adequately assess emerging risks in advance and intervene in time. "When incidents occur, it is important that signals are recognized and captured faster and better."

According to the Council, the identification and assessment of emerging risks is fragmented in the current working method.


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