Dozens of activists floated on the pig farm Boxtel | Interior


These are Boxtel's latest reports, where dozens of "Meat the Victims" activists stormed the stable in the afternoon and stayed there for hours. They have confirmed the concerns of the farmers, who have recently warned the newspaper that activists are becoming increasingly extremist, intimidating and creating a frightening work climate.

"The mayor of Boxtel finds it unacceptable that people invade our residents and keep their businesses occupied," the council announced at 10 pm. "The occupation is being closed in consultation with the Public Ministry and the police."

Farmers also started a counter campaign on Monday night. Some of them blocked the access road with a tractor. Several cars were also destroyed; they were either lying on their side or being pushed upside down in the ditch.

Allegedly, it would be about activists' cars. This has not yet been confirmed. "This is terrible too, why? I understand anger, but that's not really necessary," someone responds.

Several cars are in the ditch.

Several cars are in the ditch.

There was a deadlock for a long time in the afternoon and evening: the animal activists refused to leave, the police and firemen attended. Even after one of the activists became ill, they did not leave the shed, where pigs could also come into contact with diseases through activists, according to the LTO Netherlands.

Police in East Brabant reported about four o'clock this afternoon that they are "negotiating" and later reported that "different scenarios in which the safety of all involved is paramount" are being considered.

The minister of CU Schouten defends the victims: "This is one of the companies that provide us with our daily food, they must be able to do it without having to constantly look over their shoulder and be intimidated.

This photo, made in the stable, sent the spokesman of the Meatthevictims to De Telegraaf.

This photo, made in the stable, sent the spokesman of the Meatthevictims to De Telegraaf.

Also the acting mayor, Fons Naterop van Boxtel, gives a blow to the activists, as well as the Wakker Dier foundation. "We completely disapprove of this kind of campaign. You can still disagree with each other, but dealing with people so disrespectfully is not a solution to that," said a Omroep Brabant spokesman.

About a hundred radical activists have entrenched themselves inside the company. There are activists outside as well.

About a hundred radical activists have entrenched themselves inside the company. There are activists outside as well.


Marc Calon, chairman of LTO Nederland, thinks it is "ridiculous" that Oost-Brabant police do not act later this afternoon against the two hundred animal extremists who invaded a farm in Boxtel in broad daylight and occupy a stable with pigs, said he. previously against De Telegraaf.

"And then the police will" bargain "? This is the world upside down!"

"And then the police are going to" bargain "?" This is the world upside down! ", Calon grumbled.Agricultural and horticultural organization is of the opinion that activists have no right to get access to farm tents without being In addition, there is a risk of them carrying all kinds of illnesses. Police must remove the backyard activists for a long time, according to the LTO president.


Calon also mentions that international animal activists occupy a stable in Holland "a little dumb." According to the LTO, the Brabant pig farmer, like his Dutch colleagues, meets the most stringent welfare requirements of the whole of Europe.

Calon: "This farmer simply complies with the Dutch laws. So you can not get into someone like that? What do we think if activists here and there in busy office buildings are busy?

"This farmer just keeps the Dutch laws, so you can not break someone like that"

In the Chamber of Deputies, the politicians also find unsatisfactory the action of the club "Meat the Victims". VVD and CDA have long been concerned about threats against farmers.

The two government parties want a debate. "Totally unacceptable what is going on here," replies CDA MP Jaco Geurts. His VVD colleague Helma Lodders is furious: "We can not tolerate this. You stay away from working farmers and your possessions! "

Wounded pigs

Spokesman Jonathan Loogman says the occupants of the Meat the Victim organization want to hold a press conference in the stable. "So that the Netherlands can see what suffering is here." Loogman also claims that sick and injured pigs have been discovered.

"If our demands are not met, we will stay here. Then the prisons will follow," says the mouthpiece.


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