Dordrecht citizen arrested for flying with drone above passion


A 29-year-old man from Dordrecht was arrested because he flew over to The Passion with a drone. "He thought maybe he could take better photos than the 19 professional cameras at the music event," police wrote.

Passion is an annual event in which the crucifixion of Jesus is portrayed by famous Dutch artists. Each issue happens in a different city.

The actor Edwin Jonker played the role of Jesus this year, Edsilia Rombley was Mary and Judas was played by Lucas Hamming. The event attracted some 20,000 visitors and millions of viewers.


The drone was seen above the mass of people toward the center and around the Grote Kerk, police wrote in a press release. The police followed the device. It landed in the garden of a house near Maartensgat, the port city where part of the show was held on a large stage.

Drone pilots can not fly everywhere. The police can not fly above an event. The pilot risks a fine of a few hundred euros.


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