Sunday , April 18 2021

Delfzijl's Eems Cobalt is coming to Eemshaven – Friesland –

Concerning the 82-meter long roller coaster Cobalt Ems of Amasus Shipping in Delfzijl and the 115-meter container vessel Paksoy 1 from Turkey.

The Ems Cobalt has 5 people on board, the Turkish ship has 16 people on board.

According to Berend van Berkum of Amasus Schipping, there were no casualties in the collision and there is no danger to the crew.

The two ships were stuck together and could not simply be separated. They could then make water and sink. Last night, the owner, together with the German authorities, analyzed how the two ships could be separated.

Ems Cobalt is coming to Eemshaven

On Friday morning, a tug has successfully completed this job. The prow of Paksoy 1, which had pierced the flank of the Ems Cobalt, is quite discouraged. The ship's wall of the Cobalt Ems has a considerable hole above the waterline on the starboard side. The ship is now on its way to Eemshaven and is accompanied by a lifeboat.

According to the port authorities of Cuxhaven, no dangerous substance was released during the collision. The Ems Cobalt carries 1,800 tons of magnesium carbonate, a substance that is not considered dangerous. The Turkish vessel had no cargo on board.

According to the Dutch Coast Guard, no harmful substance has entered the water.

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