Dead doctor at Ebola clinic in Congo


In an attack on an Ebola clinic in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one doctor was killed and two other staff members were injured. The doctor was a member of the WHO World Health Organization team. He was from Cameroon.

The attack on the university hospital in Butembo, in the northeast of the country, was carried out by three members of a local militia. The medical team was in consultation.

The region is one of the most affected areas of the last outbreak of Ebola. The outbreak, which began in August, is the second largest to date of highly contagious disease.

According to local authorities, the attackers are Mai-Mai rebels, who demand the departure of international aid workers who are committed to combat and control of the ebola.


Due to regular attacks on treatment centers since February, the spread of the virus has accelerated and the first rescuers have withdrawn. Dozens of militia groups are active.

Many militia members and other residents believe in the conspiracy theory that the government is behind the ebola and that the disease has been brought to the country by foreigners.

President Tshisekedi visited the area three days ago. He promised to send more soldiers and police to protect humanitarian workers and called on the population to cooperate.

WHO is furious with the attack and speaks of a tragic memory of the risk that caregivers are taking to protecting the lives of others.

The outbreak has cost about 850 people since August and more than 450 people have been infected.


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