Saturday , October 23 2021

"Dangerous vegan diet for children"


A vegan diet is not suitable for children. It is also best for pregnant women or breastfeeding not to eat completely herbal foods. The Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium states this in an official recommendation.

Professor Georges Casimir, who works at the Children's Hospital at Queen Fabiola University in Brussels, has the idea that more and more parents are offering their children a vegan diet. In recent months, he has seen several babies end up in the hospital because they have had symptoms of dehydration due to a vegetable diet. Along with a number of colleagues, who experienced the same thing in their practice, he gave advice against vegan food to children and pregnant women.

"Essential vitamins like D and B12, calcium and other nutrients that are important for proper development are absent in this diet," they write. The consequences are "growth retardation, psychomotor delays, malnutrition and anemia".

The Voedingscentrum agrees with the Belgians, although it is a little less certain. "Vegan children are more likely to be smaller and lighter in order to achieve motor development and have weaker bones than children who eat everything and children who do not eat meat or fish but still eat dairy and eggs." "

The Nutrition Center recommends that you see a nutritionist if you want your children to eat vegan and, in any case, take vitamin B12 supplements.

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