CIA would have evidence that Huawei is funded by Chinese government – IT Pro – News


There is evidence that Huawei is being funded by China, state sources within the US CIA. The evidence is not publicly available, and the CIA does not speak publicly about it, but it is said that information has been circulated within intelligence circles.

The Sunday Times claims that, based on CIA sources. The US intelligence service reportedly received information about the Chinese government's state funding for Huawei and distributed this information earlier this year. However, the information collected was not disclosed, although the intelligence services have warned for some time to cooperate with Huawei due to alleged links with the Chinese state.

According to the British newspaper sources, the CIA received information on payments from the Chinese security apparatus to Huawei earlier this year and the evidence for this was shared with the so-called Five Eyes, the intelligence community involving the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Canada are the members.

In the Netherlands, Lower House wants to exclude Huawei for the time being from the creation of 5g networks due to possible espionage, although the government has not yet taken a formal decision on this. Prime Minister Rutte says that the Netherlands should not be naïve about the role that China plays in the world. In late May, the NCTV will present the results of a vulnerability investigation into 5g equipment, after which a decision can be made on whether or not to exclude Huawei. The Chinese telecommunications company has always denied that there are any connections with the government.


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