Child (2) is sucking condoms used at McDonald's | Abroad


Several Australian media reports this. "I went to ask for something and my daughter stayed with my husband. I do not know how it's possible, but when my husband looked at her side, she already had the thing in her mouth," says Wendy, the child's mother.

The father of the child quickly took the daughter by the hand to wash the mouth and the hands. Then his parents gave him a quick drink.

"We were terrified," her mother tells 10Daily. The restaurant has a large playground. According to the mother, the condom was open and appeared to have been used. No packaging can be found. "Our daughter may have found the thing somewhere in a chair. I could not sleep because of it and I feel so guilty because I took her to that restaurant."

After the visit to the fast food restaurant, the parents took the daughter to the doctor. "Why and if my daughter has an STD?" The doctor advised the family to return to the restaurant to collect the condom for testing.

"When I asked McDonald's for the condom, they refused to return it to us. I'm furious about how they treated me there." "We just wanted to get tested to see if our daughter could be infected with something."

A McDonald's spokesman said the company is investigating how the incident could have happened. The condom has already been taken to the hospital by an official for examination. "We are very sorry that this has happened in one of our restaurants." We take the issue very seriously – hygiene and safety are our top priorities.

The couple has to wait another three months for the test results before they know if their daughter has anything to suck the condom.


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