Car daubing in Scheemda: "Aso on A7" – Groningen –


On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, a car and a house in the Irisstraat in Scheemda are painted. The text "Aso op A7" was sprayed with paint.

Nora Hoekstra of Scheemda shared photos of daubing things on Facebook. According to her, it must have happened between 11pm and 4pm. As far as she knows, there is no reason for the texts.

Shared message more than one hundred times

Nora's mother, Ineke Hoekstra, does not want to say anything about the scratches. I have had so many messages now, and the message was shared a lot (more than a hundred times, ed.). I do not like it and I choose not to give any more information. "" She has the windows cleaned now, and according to her, she'll be fine.


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