"Body fat is not just a fat pile"


Genetic obesity

Alexandra Jubels (13) is a person who is overweight despite many sports and healthy eating. "Normal people are full after two sandwiches.I can eat eight, and then I can eat something.I'm always hungry and never full." Alexandra has genetic obesity because of this she is always hungry and her fat is stored in a different way: "With me, the food comes directly to my fat store and only a very small amount is burnt."

It's hard for Alexandra to be more careful about food than other children: "It's very annoying because I have to set my own limits. It's getting better, as I get older, I know better what's bad for me."

Many fat people have to deal with prejudice "People look at me very differently, like I'm evil or something," says Alexandra. "I can handle it myself, but I find it difficult for people to immediately have a prejudice that is not entirely true.I think it's a shame.If I eat an ice cream, they think," You already have five " never like ice cream, just once because it's vacation. "


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