Beware of the elderly as an export product: China is an interesting market


The way the Netherlands treats the elderly is considered an export product. Health Minister in China today signed an agreement to seal cooperation in the field of the elderly.

Dozens of companies travel with the minister hoping to make money from the aging population of more than 200 million in the country.

"In Holland, 94% of the elderly live independently," said Cloe Geboers of Taskforce Healthcare, which is responsible for promoting Dutch health abroad.

Chinese elderly people are often dependent on themselves because the children have moved from their home village to the millions of cities in China. In addition, the workforce in China is too busy to take time to care, says Geboers.


The Humanitas humanitarian organization, the Erasmus University and the University of The Hague want to give advice. They will talk about Dutch arrangements in which the care of demented or sick elderly people is combined with sheltered housing for healthy seniors.

Some companies also sell products like medicine bags or food products, especially for the elderly. Geboers: "In a market of 200 million seniors, which grow to 400 million seniors, this quickly becomes very interesting."


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