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Read articles faster and more focused on Reeder 4, share podcast slots with Overcast and more.

Reeder 4 (iOS)

One of the best reading and RSS apps for iOS has an important new release. Reeder allows users of various RSS services, such as Feedly, Feedbin, NewsBlur and The Old Reader, and the Instapaper post-reading service to display their articles in one application. The application also functions as an independent RSS reader without this service.

The new version of the Reeder has an automatic dark mode, and now there is also the Bionic Reading function, a method developed in Switzerland that should facilitate reading of texts quickly and with concentration. The first letters of each word are printed thicker, so that the eye has "anchor points" and jumps faster from word to word.

This seems to work: in fact, Bionic Reading makes it quick to read a full text. Scanning longer text is more difficult with the function on, fortunately the function in the Reeder can be turned on and off quickly.

Reeder 4 also displays images in the article list, has an enhanced search function, its own post-reading function, and enhanced article view. Reeder 4 has also been released for the Mac, and both versions now share the same technical support. According to the developer, this should facilitate the addition of new functions than in the past.

Download Reeder 4 for iOS (5,49 euros)

Cineville (Android and iOS)

Cineville is a Dutch service that offers subscribers unlimited access to 43 movie theaters across the country for a fixed monthly fee. This refers mainly to independent movie clubs which, in addition to the popular offer, also offer smaller movies, art houses, documentaries and more.

The Cineville application shows the movie schedule of all affiliated cinemas. This overview is also useful for those who do not have a Cineville pass. The schedule shows all movies by city, sorted by hour. If you choose a movie, you can clearly see what time the movie is going through all the cinemas in the city.

The Cineville application also provides an overview of the discovery. The film can be taken as a starting point and contains short synopsis and short rankings from Cineville. Those who have an account can also use the Cineville application as a digital version of their card to collect movie tickets.

Cineville says that the application will expand considerably in the next period. The service thus promises a reservation function within the application. Application users are now redirected to the relevant home movie site if they want to make a reservation.

Download Cineville for Android or for iOS (free)

Cloudy (iOS)

In its latest update, the simple yet powerful Overcast podcast application received a feature that, in retrospect, is so obvious that it's weird that no one has thought of it before. Overcast now allows users to share a portion of a podcast.

It's easy: Users press the share button while listening to a podcast. A new screen lets you choose a clip start and end time, with a maximum time of 1 minute. The clip can be shared as audio or as a video showing the relevant podcast image and title and the start time of the shared clip.

Overcast developer Marco Arment says he deliberately kept the mark of his small app. According to Arment, the function is mainly intended to facilitate the sharing of free podcasts, so that even smaller podcasts can have more reach. Other podcast applications will soon also have these functions, writes Arment.

Overcast allows users to create playlists, for example, based on the subject. In this way, the application remains organized for large-scale users of podcasts. Overcast also offers a smart speed option that automatically skips the silences in podcasts and thus saves time.

Download Overcast for iOS (free)


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