Apple launches iOS 12.3 with updated Apple TV app – Tablets and phones – News


Apple launches iOS 12.3 about a month and a half after the release of iOS 12.2. This is the third major update of the mobile operating system. This update is mainly about the updated Apple TV app, which replaces the old "Videos" app.

The update for iOS 12.3 revolves around the updated Apple TV app, which was introduced in late March along with Apple TV + streaming service and is available now. The application includes a tool with which machine learning suggestions are made based on preferences and display history. In addition, there are separate components in the TV application for movies and TV shows, for example, and there is a separate navigation bar at the bottom of the screen on iOS devices. Ultimately, the app will become the way to use the Apple TV + streaming service, which will be released this fall.

In Benelux, the app can be used primarily for movies and content from the iTunes store, for which the Videos app and the iTunes Store application are no longer needed. You can also search for TV shows, where users are referred to other applications in which iCulture can be found, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Unlike other countries, there is no list available with all TV shows to watch.

In addition, iOS 12.3 includes support for TVs equipped with Airplay 2. In the middle of the year, LG TVs of 2019 and certain Sony TVs, among others, will receive support. Since Monday, all Samsung Smart TVs 2019 will receive an update to Airplay 2 and the new Apple TV application. A number of Samsung TVs from 2018 will also receive this update. Siri can now also be used to make suggestions for viewing content via AirPlay.

Apple informs that the updated TV application will be available on Monday for iPhones, iPads and Apple TV customers in more than 100 countries, as long as users deploy ota updates to iOS 12.3 and tvOS 12.3. Updates to this may not be readily available to everyone.

The updated TV application is also available for Macs from the fall. Apple has also released the MacOS Mojave 10.14.5, which adds support for Airplay 2 to smart TVs that can handle this. Some bugs have also been fixed.


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