Anne Lok: "When Alexander left, everything exploded, everything was broken"


His dog came after the departure of Alexander Pechtold. He hated dogs. "If you take a dog, An, I'll leave," he said. Now he's gone anyway, so I thought, come with that dog. I could call him Alexander, but that went too far for me. "

Anne Lok, Pechtold's ex, analyzes De Stentor about his relationship with former D66 leader Pechtold. Because people need to know what kind of man this is.

Lok tells how he met Alexander Pechtold at Nunspeet during a weekend for the D66 drivers somewhere in 2014. "It was love at first sight. At least on your part. I can not believe I immediately fell in love with him. "I'm always right," he told me. I always thought of that later. Alexander can not handle this if he does not get what he wants. I know all about it now. My relationship with Alexander lasted four years and it was not without consequences. "

She does not want to answer questions about parenting, the expected child, and the two-year-old twins. She finds it very painful to talk about it, sees it as a sensation.

"I did not see his farewell coming in. He wanted to continue until the provincial elections." Alexander wanted to become mayor of Rotterdam, which was or is still the plan. was left out of the coalition with great care. "

"For a long time I lived very close to Alexander to see that his work was aimed at securing his own political positions or preventing them from happening to others. Although I doubted very much that I should tell this story, if I am the person assigned to deal with this political abuse of power, I do anyway. "

"What I have a lot of problems is that within politics a small group of people determines everything." They push each other the beautiful works, keep the hand of the other above the head.And the rest have checked, pull the end more It makes me ferocious.

Sources): The Stentor


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