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Google gives Android Auto an improved interface with new features in the summer. According to Google, the operating system for infotainment systems in cars will be easier to use and will also have a dark theme that is more peaceful to the eye.

The interface of Android Auto 2019 looks much more elegant than the current control panel, which now seems a bit outdated. The revamped look of Android Auto 2019 includes a bleak theme, new fonts that, according to Google, are more readable and buttons that most closely match the look of the Android Pie interface.

The new version of Android Auto can also better use the image format of large screens. Additional information is displayed, such as upcoming shifts, buttons to control the song, or the active phone call.

In addition, the new interface requires fewer operations to achieve certain functions. For example, the user can request navigation instructions, rewind a podcast, and answer a phone call on a screen. Android Auto 2019 also includes a new notification center that gives you an overview of the latest calls, messages and other notifications. With one touch, the user can quickly call someone back from that center or send a message back.

The Android Auto 2019 will be released "later this summer" for all cars that support the operating system. According to Google, these are now more than five hundred cars from more than fifty manufacturers. Android Auto is not yet officially available in the Netherlands and Belgium, but can already be used by installing it on a smartphone through a website such as APK Mirror.

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