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However, Van Gils previously informed the Rotterdam board that they felt nothing for the payment. At the beginning of the debate, Meliani acknowledged that things were not communicated correctly. This was not the first time, the counselors observed. In addition, information that was known in the Stopera for months was only revealed after long insistence of critical advisers. According to Meliani, board members asked her for "irrelevant" information, which caused much resentment at the VVD, Forum for Democracy, Thinking, Party for Animals, CDA, PvdO, CU and BIJ1. They felt that the councilman should refrain from qualifications because the council itself determines what is relevant or what is not.

"Can it be like this"

Early in the afternoon, Meliani declined to answer whether Van Gils had given any advice in the period following Van Gils's departure on July 1, 2018. He was seconded in the following period (until January 1, 2019) and was still on the payroll in the municipality for 12 hours. The big question is whether it could actually be found in the Stopera during that period. "Could it be that Van Gils did nothing for the municipality of Amsterdam during that period?" The Party asked the animal leader Van Lammeren. Meliani: "That may be true."

It was amazing that GroenLinks, D66, PvdA and SP had spoken big words about Van Gils, but they did not add any butter to the fish yesterday. "There is nothing wrong," said GroenLinkser Femke Roosma (who, after the debate, began to cry). Later she returned to her words: there was something wrong. She found it particularly regrettable that the previous talk had not made good agreements with Van Gils over time recording. As a result, it is now impossible to determine whether or not Van Gils can be found in Stopera while he was being paid and, furthermore, he received a golden handshake.


The opposition asked if Meliani would like them to see the contract Van Gils concluded with the council. Meliani declined this as well as sent a legal investigation. "It's a key choice not to share that," Meliani said. "Doing something mysterious again, again!" Said counselor Rik Torn (VVD).

The opposition demanded apologies from Meliani for not properly informing the council, but did not receive it. Meliani, however, has said on several occasions that she "regrets" and "could have been sharper in her words". The opposition presented motions to remove it from its post and put the portfolio of Human Resources with councilman Udo Kock (Finance). The motion failed, but Meliani is shocked by the harsh words.

It is suspected that the last word has not yet been said on the subject. An investigation is still being conducted in the Interior Ministry because the accountant also could not determine if Van Gils worked or not. This may have exceeded the Higher Income Standardization Act. If that is the case, the money still has to be recovered from Van Gils.


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