Amazon wants to offer internet worldwide via 3236 satellites – IT Pro – News


Amazon is working on the Kuiper Project, which aims to bring 3236 satellites into a low orbit, in order to later be able to offer the world's broadband Internet of tens of millions of people.

GeekWire has discovered that Amazon is working on the project through an International Telecommunication Union application for the Federal Communications Commission on behalf of Kuiper Systems LLC. Amazon confirmed to be against the site behind Kuiper Systems. ITU decides on business telecommunications services.

The intention is for Amazon to take 3236 satellites into low-Earth orbit. Of these, 784 satellites will be located at an altitude of 590 kilometers, 1296 satellites to 610 kilometers and 1156 satellites to 630 kilometers. The constellation of satellites must therefore cover places on Earth between 56 degrees north latitude and 56 degrees south latitude.

Amazon informs that it is a long-term project aimed at bringing broadband Internet to tens of millions of people who do not yet have access to the fast internet: "The Kuiper Project is a new initiative to launch a constellation of low-orbit satellites which offer low bandwidth broadband connectivity and bring high speeds to communities on Earth that are not yet served or insufficiently. "

With the initiative, Amazon joins a number of companies and organizations that want to provide remote areas with the internet. Among others, OneWeb, Facebook and SpaceX are working on similar initiatives, while Google wants to try it with balloons and Facebook also has an internet project via drones.


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