Amazon is closing its online trading platform in China – IT Pro – News


Amazon will stop its online market in China on July 18. Instead, the company focuses on Chinese customers with its global online store. The company did not give a reason, but the competition from local suppliers is probably very strong.

In an advertisement for, among others, The Financial Times, Amazon informs that it will stop in China. The company informed the vendors that they offered their products in the market that the service will not be continued from July 18. Amazon's claims in China in recent years to focus more on so-called cross-border sales.

Chinese customers often buy products from the US, UK, Germany and Japan, among others, through the global website. Amazon wants to focus more on it. The reason for stopping Chinese commerce is not clear, but the company faces strong competition in the country of Alibaba and, among others. According to iResearch Global research agency, they have a combined market share of 82%.

Amazon started in China in 2004 with the acquisition of for $ 75 million. In 2011, the company renamed the service to Amazon China. The company remains active in China with Amazon Web Services.


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