Monday , October 18 2021

50th Pinkpop not exhausted: "Terrible competition, nothing to see against it"


The 50th Pinkpop was a three-day celebration, but it was not all jubilant for director Jan Smeets. During the final afternoon, the number of paying visitors increased from 80,000, but that does not mean that the celebrated Limburg pop festival has been sold.

Smeets received a bust from the county of Landgraaf and a statue on the Pinkpop site, he received numerous congratulations on the site and a tulip with his name was offered.

Smeets, 74, was very pleased. However, he would not be Smeets, or he mumbled about the rain and the competition that was bothering his event. This saved thousands of visitors on the fiftieth anniversary.

"We rehearsed fifty years for this"

It does not bother Smeets that, according to some comments, the 50th edition has become a nostalgic issue. "I have insisted on having the Golden Earring performing at the festival once more in their lives." They did an incredible performance. "Bassist Rinus Gerritsen later said:" We rehearsed for this for fifty years. I think it's very good. "

Making Smeets nostalgic was the thought of those early years when he had no significant competition. That changed completely in half a century.

Fleetwood Mac

Smeets was not happy this weekend with shows elsewhere by former Pearl Jam leader Eddie Vedder and Metallica – permanent Pinkattractions that were missing right now. Pinkpop had the first contract with Fleetwood Mac. The band also made other shows, such as Rock Werchter, last week.

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