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According to Kees Oomen, Director of the Owners Association Foundation, it is impossible for many LVCs to become more sustainable because the decision-making structures of such associations make it difficult to obtain necessary majorities during general members' meetings. Well, so far the usefulness of committees of workers with shared ownership. Or not? In any case, this makes it impossible for many apartment owners to invest in renewable energy or improve insulation.

Once again, it shows how Rutte considered the climate agreement, the climate law, and the resulting subsidy programs to be misunderstood. Just putting in a few simple solar panels is a big challenge for SVEs. If an owner of an apartment in an apartment building wants to set up something like this, most should agree to the plan. And many times this does not happen.

Apartment owners who fall into such an association structure are also at a disadvantage when it comes to taxes. According to the law, their "right to property" is essentially different from that of private owners and therefore they fish behind the net when it comes to tax deductions for sustainable investments. If the VvE is small, then the chance of funding is virtually nil & # 39; according to this WE. And now exactly the horror scenario comes from which everyone has already warned: some are investing money, others have no chance of receiving climate subsidies.

This means that the first flaws of the climate deal & # 39; fair & # 39; already been discovered within a month!

But citizens who are part of the VVE pay those who pay the fruits of Rutte's "five-year plan." The VVD's clientele is still baked in spacious houses with solar panels and insulation on a subsidy basis. They are not in old apartments. According to Oomen's founding, EVVs participated in the climate tables, but their voices were insufficiently heard.

Financing opportunities for small VVEs are absent and Klaas & # 39; We will not let you do this alone & # 39; Dijkhoff Finally, very different things said: "Even if the Climate Agreement is implemented to the letter, the small VVEs fall into a big black hole."

There you go: Failure error, one of the five year plans will arrive within a month. So the climate deal really becomes a drama.

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