Your smartphone's vital card is coming soon!


Your life card should soon disappear from the landscape of your wallet to appear in the space of your smartphone through the "apCV" application. Agnès Buzyn, Minister of Solidarity and Health, launches the test of this dematerialized version this summer after the publication of an experimental decree.

For a generalization as early as 2021

This measure must be generalized within the population as of 2021. This project integrates the ambition of "digital change in health". The apCV application should serve as a "tool to identify and authenticate patients in the health system," says the Health Minister.

This application aims to facilitate management related to the vital card. Patients will no longer be forced to move to update their rights. They will also have access to other services through the application, for example, to consult your Ameli account.

When will the dematerialization of revenues?

Medical prescriptions are also in the sights of the Minister of Health. Indeed, orders can be dematerialized soon. Same procedure as for vital card. Agnès Buzyn wants to start an experiment starting this year for a generalization from 2020.

According to the Minister of Health, the electronic prescription "allows to guarantee the circuit of transmission of the request and promotes the coordination between the professionals".


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