With Cyberdefense Orange, the operator wants to democratize access to protection tools


Five big managers, including two who made the trip to Morocco, were present to detail the new offer of the newly created entity: Orange Cyberdefense Morocco. Together with Yves Gauthier, CEO Orange Morocco, Brahim Sbai, Corporate Director Orange Central Morocco and Emmanuel Cheriet, Director Orange Cyberdefense Morocco, the meeting with the national media was attended by Nicolas Arpagian, Director of Strategy and Public Affairs Orange Cyberdefense and Michel Van Den Berghe, CEO of Orange Cyberdefense, came specially to Morocco for the lifting of the last born sails in Orange, Morocco.

This is the first of its kind on the continent that can make Morocco a regional hub of Orange Cyberdefense for other countries in the region, a place dictated by the rise of digital transformation in the Kingdom with all of this. which results in terms of cyber security issues.

Specializing in securing digital assets, Orange Morocco's new subsidiary intends to work with the ecosystem, including state partners (CNDP, DGSSI, AUSIM …), providing its customers in Morocco with the best practices in the world. service of Moroccan digital infrastructures.

In fact, in addition to being the subsidiary of a telecommunications operator, Orange Cyberdefense Morocco will be able to count on a great capacity of supervision thanks to the tools of the SOCs (Security Operations Centers) that are distributed across the planet to provide monitoring 24/7. In addition, the fact that Orange Cyberdefense is part of the worldwide network of Incident Response Centers (CERTs) also ensures that it has access to the most relevant sources of information. more reactive in case of cyber attacks. Orange Cyberdefense is the number one French digital security company with more than 1,500 employees worldwide. Groupe Orange's cyber security division is active in all areas of digital asset protection: from auditing and consulting to assessing security needs, to examining compliance with various national and international laws, and assessing organizational security .

The Moroccan entity will also deploy partnerships with the academic world and research with the aim of recruiting about forty cybersecurity specialists by the end of 2020. And if the activity is currently experiencing a greater appetite for large corporations, the new entity wants to market the entire market to democratize access to tools to protect against cyber attacks, knowing that it is often these small entities that are the weak link in the chain and the gateway for cybercriminals to reach larger groups.

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