when the Double Dragon restaurant comes in time for Syria


Tonight, the kitchens were a little fuller than usual and the setup was a little less accurate than usual. And for good reason, one night, Double Dragon, the sister restaurant Katia and Tatiana Levha and their leader, Antoine Villard, hosted a somewhat unusual guest in their oven: the Syrian chef Haitham Karachay.

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Double Tannin

A unique and ephemeral collaboration, organized in the context of the Refugee Food Festival, with Asian and Syrian touches. It's a good way for Haitham Karachay to get her hands on, a few weeks before her new culinary adventure at the festival's residence at Ground Control (Paris 12th).

Even the name on the front was changed to the occasion in Double Tannin, a literal translation of "dragon" in Arabic.

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Cooking travel

In the menu of this exhausted night: a fried bao surrounded by a mutabal triptych (tahini, garlic and eggplant), hummus and muhamara (walnuts, peppers and peppers), a Thai fatoush salad, a burak in the county, haloumi and XO sauce and a goblet of lettuce and raw lamb.

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Everything Lamb Everything

Next: a charcoal lamb kebab, grilled lamb skewers accompanied by grilled vegetables (eggplant, potato, pod), wild herbs of lemon and a bowl of white rice.

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And finally, a blonde (variant of brownie, somehow) of pistachio and a green cardamom ice cream. Successful bet.

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