when the devil dresses on Netflix


Lucifer is part of the miraculous series of American television. Just a year ago, Netflix decided to save the Devil, which was abandoned by Fox. But this recovery had some consequences in the series that will be posted on Wednesday, May 8, on the streaming platform.

A shorter series for Lucifer

Let's start with bad news. If until then, you were accustomed to marathons of 22 episodes, there will be only 10 minutes. But, according to lead actor Tom Ellis, it's not a bad thing.

"When you do 22 episodes, it's hard to keep the story alive. It's always been necessary to find ways to fill in, fill in the blanks. that each episode is much richer. "

The possibility of a series of observations is not insignificant …

More technical resources

The flip-flop on Netflix who does not hesitate to spend fortunes for a series may also have changed the series. But according to him, will not be the case. Especially because the platform did not want to distort it. On the other hand, the program should be much darker, more devilish.

"A perverse nature more suggested than shown, and this is what is fun … Having said that, there are times when some characters are able to say what they want this time … although Lucifer himself is a little more refined than that … "

And if you need a little reinforcement before you get into Lucifer, Tom Ellis offered one a few weeks ago.


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