what we like and what we do not like


Earlier this week, we received Samsung Galaxy Fold. Within our reach, we reveal how much we appreciate the use of this device, which is a true jewel of technology. After a few days of use and awaiting our full test, we now have more prospects to give our opinion on the world's first foldable smartphone (excluding Royole FlexPai).

What are the things we love about Galaxy Fold? What are the things that have disappointed us? The answer below.

What we like

Compressing a smartphone, the comfort of a tablet

In use, the Galaxy Fold is amazing. If we go back to all this in our comprehensive test, we are now completely convinced by the Samsung product. Its 7.3-inch screen offers the comfort of a small tablet, allowing a hand, to use while walking on the street. With both hands, it's even better. One holds the device, the other handles it. On a daily basis, we enjoyed a great screen.

The magic of the fold? Its ability to fold and store easily. There is nothing more satisfying after using the subway for 5-10 minutes than taking the flapper out of your device and putting it in your pocket. What an incredible feeling to be in the future! Samsung finally managed a large screen easily transportable.

A sturdy design, but …

You certainly heard this week the controversy over the broken screens of Galaxy Fold. In fact, several American journalists broke their test copy at the same time. What really happened? Is Samsung really responsible? It is too early to say this, even if we think that these problems are mainly related to a communication error. The vast majority of them took part of the screen, convinced that it was a protective film.

Let's try to ignore this case for now. On our side, we are pleasantly surprised by the strength of the Galaxy Fold. Its quality of finish is remarkable and the product is simply beautiful. Closed, it is covered in Glass Gorilla Glass 6, which allows you to walk in your pocket in peace. Open, the unfolding is done naturally and the magnet holds the screens tightly. We felt really relaxed with the device, more than the Huawei Mate X, just covered with plastic. We also try to torture your screen by opening / unfolding it very quickly several times, without ever being concerned. In short, we are quite confident about its strength, even if we wait another few weeks to deliver a final verdict.

Excellent software

The Galaxy Fold operating system surprised us positively. Very easily, you can use two or three applications simultaneously. Just go left to the right side of the screen and select an application. This system seems ergonomic enough to be understandable … even if everyone does not arrive for the first time. After some manipulation, this becomes natural.

What we enjoy even more: continuity. When you use an application on the cover and unfold the device, it is transferred in a short second. If you set the reciprocity of this function to the application in question, the closing of the smartphone transfers the application to the coverage screen in one second. Bluffing.

The full of accessories in the box

Galaxy Fold costs a fortune, it's undeniable. We still appreciate the little gestures of Samsung that, in addition to the smartphone, slip into the Galaxy Buds headset box (169 euros) and a Kevlar shell. The smartphone also benefits from the Samsung Care + insurance, which allows a free screen change for the first year. In 2020 euros, this seems to be the minimum, but it allows us to relativize the price of the device. At Apple, iPhone XS Max, AirPods and Apple Care + 512 GB are more expensive.

What we do not like

A small smartphone format

In our grip, we said pleasantly surprised by the format of the smartphone when its screen is folded. For its narrowness, the Galaxy Fold was pleasant to use, despite its weight of 263 grams and its thickness of 17 millimeters.

A few days later, the magic evaporated. We came back a bit in our words. If the size of the smartphone and its small 4.6-inch screen do not bother us (use of the thumb makes it easier), the weight is a real disadvantage. After a few minutes with our arms outstretched, we began to show the first signs of fatigue. Unfolded, no problem, thanks to a better balance.

Another point, it's still too soon to unfold the Galaxy Fold serenely in public places. The smartphone draws attention and we are necessarily afraid of being stolen your smartphone for 2020 euros … Under these conditions, we prefer to use it folded. It is in this type of occasions that the small screen disturbs … especially to write.

The fold

What to think of the fold in the middle of the screen? 95% of the time, it is not disturbing. When we are ahead, we do not see and the device is used very well. The rest of the time, when there is too much light or you look at the camera next to it, it is visible. Although not very noticeable, its presence disturbs a little. This is not an eliminatory fault, but it is one and the same.

The lack of a pen

We can agree, maybe not: Galaxy Fold should have a pen. Such a surface is perfect for taking notes and confining oneself to fingers is a shame. We are often frustrated. There is no doubt that if the success of this V1, Samsung refuse your device in a "Note" version.

Defects that the Galaxy S10 does not have

Like the Galaxy S10 Galaxy Fold does not have super-fast charging. It takes us 2 hours to recharge the battery (which is also very long-lasting: it takes two days with the device). At such a price, we would like to have the latest news like this feature.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy Fold also gains flaws that the Galaxy S10 does not have. No Jack (we console ourselves with the Galaxy Buds included), no Micro SD extension, no double Nano SIM (there is, however, an eSIM). The Galaxy Fold is also not waterproof. It is a pity.

Software problems not yet fixed

Finally, the end point, the Galaxy Fold we've tested is still limited from the point of view of software. It is impossible to configure the Navigo pass if Orange is not your operator. You can only change the background of the unlock screen. And the videos look slanted. On YouTube, we can not exceed 720p, while Netflix and myCANAL are streamed in SD, despite the compatibility of the smartphone with the WideVine L1 DRM. By the time the smartphone is released, all of this is likely to be fixed. At the moment, we still prefer to warn you, this is not the case.


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