Friday , August 6 2021

What is the situation in the intensive care units at CHU?

Resuscitation team at Purpan University Hospital in Toulouse, next to a patient’s bed in Covid. – F. Scheiber – Sipa

  • Hospitalizations are accelerating at the University Hospital in Toulouse, which currently has 103 intensive care beds.
  • In non-specialized services, these beds are 90% occupied, but there are still possibilities for increasing capacity.

Five new Covid-19 patients were hospitalized overnight from Wednesday to Thursday in
Toulouse University Hospital bringing its number to 174, including 33 in intensive care and about 20 in intensive care. But in the wake of the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic, a ray of sunshine sometimes creeps on caregivers: “This week, a 93-year-old Covid patient was cured,” said Bernard Georges, head of intensive care at Rangueil hospital. The anesthesiologist describes “a tired but very voluntary team” that, two weeks before the peak of hospitalizations feared for
the regional health agency, still has room for maneuver.

The CHU currently houses 103 intensive care beds (20 more than two weeks ago), including 72 in multipurpose intensive care units for adults – 40 in Rangueil and 32 in Purpan – occupied so far “at 90%» And for the half, this is the big difference with the first wave, for patients with other pathologies.

Good coordination with clinics

For now, the main regional hospital can still see the walls coming and pushing. “We planned six levels of ramp up with the possibility of opening an additional 25 multipurpose resuscitation beds in Rangueil and increasing to 49 in Purpan, with adequate equipment and personnel”, explains Bernard Georges.

If the worst happens, there will be the final possibility that it did not need to be triggered in the spring to transform the recovery rooms and gain an additional 30 beds. “In addition, the effort is well coordinated, including in treatments, with the private initiative that participates”, emphasizes the doctor. For now, CHU is holding on.

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