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Weather: quite a while this Wednesday, June 12


The National Meteorology Board plans for Wednesday, June 12, 2019 a warm enough climate in the southeastern end of the country and a stable climate and clear skies over the rest of the country.

Low and dense clouds with drizzle located on the central coast, foggy formations and low clouds on the Atlantic coast and plains at night and morning, cumuliform and slightly unstable clouds in the afternoon in the Upper Middle Atlas, can also overflow locally in Saiss, the Rif and the Mediterranean are also planned and possible sand gliders in the northern provinces of the south and the south of the East are also planned.

Moderately to reasonably strong wind from north to west over the southern provinces, from the southern sector in the east, from the moderate east sector to the low on Tangier and the Mediterranean, and from the northern sector generally elsewhere.

The minimum temperatures will be of the order of 07/12 ° C in the reliefs, 19/24 ° C in the southeast and in the extreme south of the country and 13/18 ° C in other parts of the country.

The maximum temperatures will be 22/27 ° C in the reliefs and near the coast, 27/32 ° C in the plains of the Atlantic, the Souss and the interior of the southern provinces, 32/37 ° C in the east, the Saiss, the plains to west of the Atlas and the southeast slopes and 37/40 ° C in the extreme southeast of the country.

Finally, the sea will be choppy in the Mediterranean and in Detroit, shaken heavily between Essaouira and Tarfaya and bit busy for restless elsewhere.

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