Vape is effective in quitting smoking


For the first time, a large-scale study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of electronic cigarettes in smoking cessation.

While the ill effects and long-term risks of vaping e-cigarettes are not yet known – studies tasting everything and its opposite about vaping – we now know one thing: Vaping can help you quit smoking! We explain why and how in these few lines.

Vapoter, the solution to quit smoking?

And if smoking the electronic cigarette would allow … to quit smoking. Incredibly, vaping with or without nicotine is one of the most effective ways to stop smoking.

The study published May 22 in Addiction magazine shows that electronic cigarettes and varenicline, a drug, have proven to ward off smoking. The study was conducted by four researchers from University College London, an English college. They analyzed about 19,000 questionnaires filled out by smokers of different ages and sexes.

19,000 smokers for a large-scale study

The study was published on May 22. Each respondent was over 16 years old, living in England and attempting to quit smoking in the last 12 months. Attempt ended in failure. More than 50% of this sample used withdrawal techniques, including nicotine patches and other substitutes, as well as drugs (varenicline) or therapy.

Overall, 16% of people tested stopped smoking while the study was performed. Most used a weaning aid. Among the panel, 16.8% of those who stopped smoking did so without using a withdrawal technique. Still in the sample of people who were able to quit smoking, 95% of people who used an electronic cigarette with the intention of quitting smoking, with or without other aids (hypnosis, patches, medicines) were successful. to stop during the study.

Electronic cigarette is less dangerous than tobacco

If the harmful effects of electronic cigarette in the long run are not known, however, it turns out that electronic cigarette is less dangerous than tobacco.

The Tobacco Information Service website explains that "If you quit smoking completely using a nicotine-containing cigarette, you will reduce your risk of developing serious diseases such as cancer," according to Tobacco Info. service.

The study also shows that, depending on the person's age, the techniques used to quit smoking are different and have different effects on smokers. Nicotine patches and substitutes are more effective in older people, unlike Internet actions. In contrast, hypnosis is less effective if the smoker develops a significant addiction, such as telephone training.

According to these same scientists, smokers who quit smoking early in life found, on average, 10 years of life expectancy, almost avoiding the risk of mortality.

Number of smokers fell 1.6 million in France

In the last two years, according to the barometer of 2018 of the National Committee against Smoking (CNCT), more than 1.6 million French have stopped smoking. And how many are exchanged for the electronic cigarette? To go further, we propose this article to read here, which explains the reasons for this sharp decline.

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