unstable thunderstorm weather in Morocco


Here are the weather forecasts for the day of Thursday, April 4, 2019, prepared by the National Board of Meteorology.

– Unstable clouds with stormy rains in the Atlas Mountains, its neighboring regions, the Southeast, the Saiss, the Phosphate plateaus, Chiadma, Souss and Oriental.

– Rainy seasons with light rain on Tangier, Rif and the northern coasts of the southern provinces.

– Snowfall on the peaks of the High Atlas and Middle Atlas.

"Cloudy sky somewhere else."

– Moderate wind from the west sector on the south, center and north and north to the variable sector area elsewhere.

– Minimum temperature of the order of 01/07 ° C in the reliefs, from 07/14 ° C in the north, in the center, in the east and in the southeast and 13/16 ° C in the southern provinces.

– Maximum decreasing temperature and of the order of 05/12 ° C in the Atlas reliefs, of 12/16 ° C in the eastern plateau, in the Rif and in the plateaus of phosphates and Oulmès and in the Saiss, 17/22 ° C in the north and in the center and 22/27 ° C in the southeastern and southern provinces.

"The sea of ​​the sea was stirred in the Mediterranean Sea and in the strait, agitated between Mehdi and Tantan, and little stirred for restlessness elsewhere.


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