Trade Show brings together farmers and suppliers –


SIAM 2019: The show brings together farmers and suppliers for a week.

What do farmers who visit SIAM 2019 think? This question was asked to several participants and for most of them, one argument is obvious!

The International Agricultural Show in Morocco and the only major event in the Kingdom that brings together farmers and suppliers and the farmers themselves say so.

In fact, for most of the farmers interviewed by during the fair, the event is a unique opportunity to get to know the latest innovations and the main offerings of suppliers of agricultural equipment and supplies. For many farmers, it has become essential to make a short visit through Meknes time to enjoy and interact with the various suppliers of the profession.

This area dedicated to farmers, the SIAM, has become, over the years, the essential agricultural event in Morocco. For their part, professionals believe that this is the unique opportunity to approach customers, so as to maintain their loyalty on the one hand, and conquer new ones, on the other hand, namely through events and workshops. pedagogical tools that aim to popularize even more the various products and services that are abundant in the market.


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