Time. Weather on Sunday, November 18


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Here are the weather forecasts for the day of this Sunday, November 18, prepared by the National Directorate of Meteorology.

– Cloudy weather with locally moderate and sometimes stormy rains or rains in the north, in the center, in the reliefs and in the east.

– Cloudy sky over the northern provinces of the south with a few scattered rains.

– Snowfall in the reliefs of the High and Middle Atlas from 1800 m.

– Cold weather in the hills and highlands.

– Possible sand hunting in the southeast and the eastern.

– Moderately strong wind to the south on the coasts and eastern and Atlantic plains and weak to moderate south to west predominating in other places.

– Minimum temperatures of the order of 00/05 ° C in the reliefs, of 05/10 ° C in the east and the southeast and of 11/16 ° C in other parts of the north, the center and the provinces of the South.

– Maximum temperatures of the order of 04/09 ° C in the reliefs, of 10/15 ° C in the eastern and inland plains, of 15/20 ° C in Saiss, in the southeast, in the plains of Atlantic, Souss and near the coast and 21 / 26 ° C in other parts of the southern provinces.

– The sea is bustling and choppy in the Mediterranean Sea, shaken strongly in Detroit, strong to very strong between Tangier and Tan Tan, and busy elsewhere.

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