Time. Weather in Morocco this Saturday, June 22


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Heat wave of time

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Here are the weather forecasts for Saturday, June 22, prepared by the National Board of Meteorology.

– Very hot climate locally in the southeast of the country.

– Low and dense clouds over the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coasts to the north and center, with localized fog.

– Stable weather with clear sky elsewhere.

Possible sand hunters in the northern provinces of the south.

– Moderate to fairly strong wind coming from the north, north of the southern provinces, weak to moderate from north to west elsewhere.

– Minimum temperature of the order of 9/14 ° C in the reliefs, 19/24 ° C in the southeast and 14/19 ° C in other parts of the country.

– Maximum temperature of the order of 23/28 ° C in the reliefs and in the vicinity of the coasts, 28/33 ° C in the plains of the North and Central Atlantic, north of the east, plateaus of phosphates and Oulmes, Souss and the northern provinces of south, 33/38 ° C in the eastern, Saïss, the interior plains and the interior of the southern provinces and 38/43 ° C in the southeast.

– Beautiful sea a little busy in the Mediterranean and in the Detroit area and bit busy for busy elsewhere.

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