Time. This is the time for Wednesday


The following are the weather forecasts for the day of Wednesday, April 17, 2019, issued by the National Meteorological Directorate (DMN):

– Cloudy with rain and afternoon rains in places northwest, Rif, western Mediterranean and Saiss with a slight risk of storms.

– Very dense clouds in the reliefs of the Atlas, in the plains to the north of Essaouira and in the east of the Mediterranean with some scattered drops.

– Little to cloudy weather elsewhere.

– Sand hunting in places in the southeast and south east.

– Moderate to fairly strong northern wind over the southern provinces, from the southern area in the southeast, east and west regions on the Atlantic coasts and central plains, the eastern sector in Tangier and the Mediterranean and from north to west elsewhere.

– Minimum temperature of the order of 06/11 ° C in the reliefs, 12/17 ° C in the eastern, north, center and southeast slopes and 17/22 ° C in the Souss inland, the southern and southern provinces.

– maximum temperature of the order of 17/22 ° C in the reliefs and near the coasts, 22/27 ° C in the Saiss and the North Atlantic plains and center, 27/32 ° C in the east, the plains west of the Atlas, southeast, Souss and the northwestern provinces of the south and 32/37 ° C in other parts of the southern provinces.

– Sea bumpy, busy in the Mediterranean, busy in the strait, bit busy to rest between Tan Tan and Boujdour and busy elsewhere.


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