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This innocuous symptom warns of a near death, according to scientists


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The relationship between decreased smell and risk of death in the elderly was revealed by US researchers, Live Science said. The risk of dying in ten years is 62% higher for healthy people with hypoosemia than for those with good olfaction.

Scientists at Michigan State University have found that older people who suffer from hyposmia (loss of smell) are more likely to die in 10 years than others, says the news portal Live. science.

2,300 people between the ages of 70 and 79 participated in the study carried out by this group of researchers from 1997-1998. They were asked to identify 12 common scents. Over the past 13 years, almost 1,200 volunteers who participated in this experiment died.

According to the study, people with poor test scores were 46% more likely to die within 10 years than those who passed the test. The researchers also found that 28 of these 46% could be explained by Parkinson's disease, dementia and sudden unintentional weight loss, all of which can alter the sense of smell by reducing life.

The remaining 72% remain unexplained but may be associated with insignificant health problems that worsen, say study authors, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

The results of the research also showed that the reduction of the smell was the main indicator of the rapid death of healthy people. The probability of a death for the tenth year of the experiment increased by 62% compared to patients with a good sense of smell. However, that number dropped to 30% in the thirteenth year.

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