The CEO of Attijariwafa bank group identity theft victim


per Ayoub Khattabi the 04/20/2019 at 19:38

El Kettani Attijariwafa Bank

Mohamed El Kettani, CEO of Attijariwafa bank Group

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In recent days, the head of banking group Attijariwafa, Mohamed El Kettani, has been targeting identity theft on social networks.

In a letter to the bank staff, after attempts to get through it (false accounts, etc.), the CEO of the bank group Attijariwafa says "have no account in any capacity, personal or professional, in the networks social ".

These attempts at usurpation, which he claims to undermine the bank's image and reputation, also take the form of "false e-mail addresses signed with the quality of the group CEO, whose content usually takes the form of misleading instructions payment, request for information, transfer of data) that may cause the recipient to inadvertently perform or lack of vigilance. "

In his letter, El Kettani calls on his team to be more vigilant and refrain from any swapping in the fake accounts in question, pending their closure in the context of a judicial investigation in progress.

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