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Selena Gomez Looks Sad After Justin Bieber's Wedding Photos

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez shared a coiled selfie on her bed, looking so sad, that she closely followed the photos of former Justin Bieber's wedding with Hailey Baldwin.

Selena Gomez doesn't post often to her Instagram account; so when you do, your 157 million followers take note. On October 7, she shared a selfie in bed, wrapped in blankets with a large face without makeup against a pillow that looked very sad.

Her beautiful brown eyes seemed to be crying and her legend was heartbreaking because the 27-year-old girl wrote "Me, all the time."

The moment of the post was curious, a few hours ago, Hailey Baldwin, 22, shared the first clear photos of his marriage to Selena's 25-year-old Justin Bieber, which happened there exactly one week ago on September 30, lace dress and while the couple has been married since a civil ceremony on September 13, 2018, the real sight of the newlyweds wearing a dress and a tuxedo really brought home that they are husband and wife.

Some fans thought the photos were what knocked her down. A user named qweenbae asked, "Are you sad for Justin? No woman in the shade," added a woman named Melanie.

"She looks unhappy. It's almost as if she had seen Bieber's wedding photos just before taking this selfie. A woman named Lizzie wrote," I hope Justin and Hailey feel like SH * T when they see that. "

However, many dedicated Selena fans thought her sore image was due to her ongoing battle against lupus, an autoimmune disease. When a user named Incomusic wrote: "Didn't Justin post an hour ago about how the hooligans got married?"

Selena, loving her bed and crying Justin, "was in her defense. Justin posted pictures of him and Hailey at their wedding with the caption:" Even bad guys get married. "

A woman named Ivy responded to the unusual comment by saying, "I don't do that !! She dumped this boy Justin a moment ago and Hailey got his leftovers. I believe she's experiencing symptoms of chronic pain and fatigue caused by a condition." chronicle called lupus.

I have lupus and it's hard to get out of bed or couch for several days. It takes more compassion than judgment. A user named Drae saved her by adding "she has lupus, that's what happens to you when you have it."

A benevolent fan, Mark, suggested, "How can I prepare a grilled cheese and tomato soup and foot massage while you eat it?" While user Emy said to Selena, "Stay strong, love, we love you.

Fan Lara commented, "She's resting because she wants to be perfect and gets busy when she feels great; so her body is paralyzed by the amount of energy she has to put in her work! Believe it or not, a boy is not the girl." cause of all the problems! She struggles daily so some just imagine their nightmares.Try to be empathetic and considerate!

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