Sanitary napkins pasted on the walls of the Ministry of Health in Rabat


In order to address the messages in favor of the right to abortion, the collective MALI (Alternative Movement for Individual Liberties), accompanied by Clitoris Revolution, a series of feminist documentaries, undertook "a symbolic action" by adopting hygienic absorbents Smeared with fake blood on the walls of the Ministry of Health in Rabat.



The right to abortion continues to spill paint in Morocco. However, the MALI collective working for individual freedoms as well as the French founders of the "Clitoris Revolution" decided to make headlines by taking action for the Ministry of Health. In fact, messages were sent in favor of the right to abortion in sanitary napkins stained with blood, which were arrested on the facade of the ministry.

In social networks, the collective has launched the hashtag " #MoncorpsMesregles ", in order to call women "Recover their bodies and mobilize for the legalization of abortion," as H24info points out.

According to information from Huffpost Morocco, "a dozen women activists prepared sanitary napkins, fake blood and slogans, and took advantage of the night of April 24 to 25 to undertake the pro-abortion action."


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