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Renault va remplacer son directeur general who dénonce "a coup de force"

Determinating to the definitive cry Carlos Ghosn, the automobile manufacturer français Renault s' approves to the director of general manager Thierry Bolloré, Lequel défend toutefois son bilan and the dénoncé jeudi "un coup de force inquiétant".

"The brutalité and the completely inattendus character of that which is on the train of being stupefiant. (…) The coup de force is three worries", affirms M. Bolloré in an entertainment diffused to the veil of a reunion of the Council of Administration of Renault who will speak at the time of the presidency of Jean-Dominique Senard.

From concordant sources, this is the part of the general director who has been sold, and the rebuttal of the tentative affair of Ghosn. "L'enjeu, c'est de argue de l'avenir de Thierry Bolloré", indicates to l'AFP a source proche de l'entreprise.

A source from which a file is made plus explicitly stated: "So much of the mission, so much of that is", he explained, needing the meeting commenced at 8 am. The date of the second encore is debated; the recherche of a remodeling in the past encore is lancée and a nomination must be envisaged for the insurer, the prison source cette.

After the intervention of the Japanese management of the parturition of Nissan, Renault Renault 43%, the second half of the year for the head of the Ghosn which is the most important of the Japanese presidents of justice French-Lebanese-Bresilien director.

A new general manager, Makoto Uchida, 53 years old, is the name of the mardi, in replacement of Hiroto Saikawa.

Following on from Gaffaire Ghosn, the relations between French and Japanese management are excellent, mentioning the survivor of the alliance, which includes a Mitsubishi and a senior debtor in the world of automobile sales .

So, if you don't have a Japanese one for Thierry Bolloré's poster.

Interrogated by the AFP about the diffusion of M. Bolloré's Interview, the Minister of the Economy: "We have no confidence in Jean-Dominique Senard for proposing the administration of the necessary decisions to be met in the evening the strategy of the Alliance and of Renault Soutenue by the État Actionnaire ".

Dauphin désigné du patron déchu

So, so far, Le Figaro has already been announced by Renault's president Jean-Dominique Senard, who has been given the highest priority at the time of the alliance, all the time proposing to the administration of a successor to a manager named Carlos Ghosn à la direction executive de la groupe en février 2018.

The pressure is three strong against the driving force, given the design of the PDG, which attended the Japanese process, and the examination and assignment of multiple malpractices presumed.

It is the French state, the premier actionnaire of the builder with 15% of the capital, on a tour of the tour.

"The question of the alliance of the management renewal is posed," said a source from the source, with the cover of anonymat. "Following the breakthrough on the priority priorities, the alliance enhancement" with the Japanese builder Nissan "and also the tour of Carlos Ghosn's page", is a confere autre source to l'AFP.

More of the same sources assure that M. Bolloré's decision to separate, probably the annoncee vendredi, is M. Senard's cell and that of Seoul.

By appointment in January January, M. Senard has been accepted by travailler with M. Bolloré, confirmed at the same moment by the executive direction. Il l'avait ensuite soutenu alors que des rumeurs annonçaient son possible départ.

A source comes from the file affirming or contracting the pressure against M. Bollor venait of other parts. "This is about to train three trainers to make it happen," he told her. "Non seulement l'État, plus salariés, Renault managers, Japanese partenaires" respondent ce départ.

A search for the French group is now ahead of the progress of the "satisfying performance of the entertainment" with Thierry Bolloré's direction, all the more so the sales and profitability of this year.

Côté syndicats, les avis étaient paragés. M. Bolloré "is disconnected from the auto-mobile monde and this figure surpasses 7% of marge" to the present, critic Fabien Gâche, délégué CGT.

In fact, Franck Daoût, the CFDT delegate, considers that one of the two groups has a latency phase, but has always lost time.

Cet ancien cadre de l'équipementier automobile français Faurecia, Âgé 55 ans, avait rejoint Renault en 2012, où il gravión de los échelons jusqu'à assurer l'intérim à la direction du groupe après l'arrestation de M. Ghosn en November 2018.

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