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Rain, snow and wind announced this Sunday!

Here are the weather forecasts for the day of Sunday, January 20, 2019, established by the National Directorate of Meteorology:

Winter is a big disadvantage. The National Meteorological Directorate announces for Sunday, January 20, rains or rainstorms in the Northern, Central, Eastern, Rif, Saiss, Mediterranean, Phosphate and Oulmés trails. reliefs of the upper and middle Atlas, the western plains and the north coast of Safi.

Note also the development of cloudy periods with scattered ripples on the coast between Safi and Tarfaya.
Snowfall will fall on the reliefs of the upper and medium Atlas of 1800 m.

It will be a cold climate in the reliefs, in the east, in the southeast and in the highlands. The sky will be slightly cloudy elsewhere. The wind will blow from moderate to fairly strong from west to east and the Mediterranean, and moderate from west to north and center and from north to south.

Strong gusts of wind over the Oriental, the Saiss, the Atlas, the Mediterranean and the Northwest.

Mercury, minimum temperatures of -04 / 01 ° C in the Atlas reliefs, 01/06 ° C in the Rif, in the Eastern Highlands, in the Southeast and in the plateaus of phosphates and Oulmes, of 06/11 ° C in the Mediterranean, the Saiss, the plains west of the Atlas and the Northeast and the interior of the southern provinces and 11/16 on the Atlantic coasts and the rest of the southern provinces.

The maximum temperatures will be of the order of 02/08 ° C in the reliefs, 09/14 ° C in the east, the Saiss, the trays of phosphates and Oulmes, 13/18 ° C in the North and Center plains and the southeast slopes and 18 / 24 ° C in the provinces of Souss, Southeast and South.

The sea will become restless and restless, becoming rough in the Mediterranean, agitated hard on Detroit, and between Tangier and Sidi Ifni and a little agitated and agitated in the South.

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