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questions about the availability of the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 when they are released

If the branches of the Fnac brand remain partially open during confinement, this is not the case with specialized stores in the Micromania franchise.

Console players have been waiting for this for seven years: the next generation of machines is coming. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X (and its smaller sister, the cheapest S Series that doesn’t have a disk drive and doesn’t take advantage of 4K screens) and Sony’s PlayStation 5 arrive in France on November 10 and 19, respectively.

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But in the current context of the Covid-19 global pandemic, the ability to produce electronic devices is likely to suffer from the restrictions and restrictions imposed by governments – as video games saw their popularity grow in 2020, all the more reason for a confined or encouraged audience. to stay at home.

On October 28, a Sony executive indicated in an interview with Reuters news agency that order volumes were already “Considerable” for PlayStation 5. Similar comments were made by several Microsoft executives regarding the Xbox series. Certainly, it is possible that such claims are just a simple marketing strategy to get consumers to rush to these new consoles; However, it is also possible that these same statements reflect certain tensions regarding stocks available before Christmas, in case certain brands do not receive a sufficient number of copies.

In France, in recent weeks, stores like Fnac, Micromania, Amazon, Boulanger, Cdiscount or even Auchan have offered to pre-order the precious machines, to make sure they have them on the shelves as soon as they are launched. Problem: it was not counting the second confinement, which came into force on Friday, October 30, in the country.

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  • Am I sure I have a console if I pre-order it?

Fnac assured World, Friday, October 30 in the morning, that all pre-orders for the two consoles would be fulfilled, and that it would be possible to get the amount due directly from the store. Fnac stores will in fact be open during the second confinement and, as the brand’s website specifies, order withdrawal will be possible anyway.

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The problem is also thorny at the specialized brand Micromania-Zing, whose stores closed its doors on Thursday night. Regarding the PlayStation 5, the brand first asked customers to go to the store on Thursday, October 29, before the start of the second block, to make the payment of the order and also the shipping costs of € 14.99 , then validate your mailing address – so that the console can finally reach your home.

But the next day, a turnaround: the sign explains to the World, Friday, October 30, finally wanting to put into practice a “Contactless withdrawal” at the “a big number” stores, whether for the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series. While the details of this withdrawal (which must be communicated “Quickly” to the customers in question), however, it is certain that all those who made the trip the day before to pay the shipping costs to be delivered at home can be refunded – if it is in fact the withdrawal in the store that is privileged.

  • Is it too late to pre-order?

Both at Fnac, Micromania, Boulanger, Amazon or Cdiscount, the pre-order for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 is no longer available.

At the time of this writing, the Xbox Series S was still available on most of these brands – with the exception of Fnac.

  • Where to buy these consoles when they are released?

In this context, there is no guarantee that we will be able to find these new consoles on D-Day, even more in specialized (closed) brands than in stores like Fnac, or even in supermarkets. Friday, October 30, Fnac also announced that it would close all of its culture departments in the next two weeks: if this closure is prolonged, it should not be possible to go to this brand to purchase PlayStation. 5 or Xbox Series without first placing an order on the website.

Note, however, that Fnac and Micromania-Zing will offer in partnership with Microsoft an “All Access” offer combining a credit for the purchase of the console and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription (giving access to a hundred playable games Free on Xbox, PC, as well as streaming to an Android phone). It will cost $ 33 a month for 24 months for the Xbox Series X and $ 25 a month for 24 months for the Xbox Series S.

Although it was not initially planned that these offers would be available online, however, it turns out that the two stores, which require confinement, are thinking of a way to benefit their customers without them having to go to the store.

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