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Gharb: Record production of more than 1.6 million tons of sugar beet and sugar cane.

The 2018-2019 crop in the Gharb region is expected to reach a record forecast of more than 1.6 million tonnes of sugar beet and sugar cane, the head of the sugarcane multiplication service said on Monday. sugar and experiments at the Gharb Regional Office for Agricultural Development (ORMVAG), Mostafa Zehauf.

The production forecast for the current sugarcane harvest is 530,000 tons and the production of sugar beet is 975,000 tons, Zehauf said in a statement to the MAP at the launch of the sugar beet grinding campaign, which took place in the rural municipality Sefsaf (Sidi Kacem province).

The area devoted to sugar production reached 25,000 hectares during this campaign, distributed between 10,000 hectares of sugar cane and 15,000 hectares of beet, surpassing the average of the last 10 years, which is 19,500 hectares, he noted. , noting that Gharb will supply about 30% of the national sugar production.

These good performances of the sugar campaign were made possible thanks to the efforts made by the farmers, ORMVAG and the sugar factories, as well as the incentive and follow-up measures taken by the Department of Agriculture and the interprofessional, one noted Mr. Zehauf.

Sugar crops have reached an interesting level of development, especially due to the mechanization of crops, the introduction of new production technologies, the improvement of varieties and the strengthening of farmers' technical skills, he explained. adding that the combination of all these factors contributes to the improvement of producers' gross income by more than 10% for both crops.

The use of high performance seeds, phytosanitary treatment, irrigation and favorable climatic conditions also contributed to the implementation of the beet sowing program and the improvement of the vegetative state of the sugar plantations. he continued.

In this context, he pointed out that, for sugarcane, farmers receive a subsidy of 6,000 DH granted by the State, for the success of new plantations and a premium of 3,000 DH distributed between the State and the Interprofessional Federation. Moroccan sugar (FIMASUCRE) to encourage early planting. In addition, a bonus of 2,000 DH (state and interprofessional) is allocated to farmers to support the early maintenance of sugarcane.


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