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Private Clinics: The Minister of the Saint in the Appeal to the Decay

Kiosque360. The minister promises that the planters will be betrayed with the latest. Son de vient d'ailleurs de décider des sanctions contre plusieurs établissements de soins suite à des inspections qu'il a menemes recémment.

The minister of La Santé is responsible for the lawsuit for the termination of abuse of private clinics. It is also the case that Khalid Ait Taleb, the new title of the department, is aware of the fact that he is the victor of illegally practicing or transgressing presidents of the plain against the clinics concerned. The minister promises that he will be able to repay with the cérité, to the travers l'inspection générale, to the ces plaintes, rapport the quotidien Al akhbar dans sa livraison du jeudi 7 novembre.

The minister who intervened, mardi, from the cadre of a series of oral questions to the Chambres des Conseillers, to the other persons who inspected the operations on the eve of the ministers of the clinics and a global manager in the secteur deprived of the saint. The missions on the matter, assure you, 83 private events, 62 clinics and 21 medical cabinets.

Such Taleb, as well as daily life, is generally required to make disciplinary decisions on the basis of appraisals on the basis of rapports on the basis of inspections. These are also notable on the basis of two clinics and a medical cabinet, as well as the provisional or total suspension of the activities of fifty clinics. He gave sanctions on the last 10 years, adjusted the minister for the daily life. This is the case of mises in demeure adresses to the 41 clinics to redress the dysfunctions found in the administrative and legal situation, among others.

Some sanctions, relevant to your daily life Assabah dans son édition of the same journeys, intervening in the moment or the secteur connaît of veritable scandales. You are also likely to see the continuation of the clinics continuing to check collateral checks and pay the advance to refuse four invoices for other benefits. Certain of them, even the journal, are all the same because they are holding back their patients for decades of treatment and banning them from flying, so much so that they have to pay their bills so far. 'élèvent, le plus souvent, des millain de dirhams. These are the exorbitant ones which need to be quoted in daily life, corresponding to the nature of these rights.

In these cases, I minister to the rapporteur that the rates of medical benefits dispensed by the private sector, plus the services provided by the women and the infirmities, without the organization of a ministerial department. En ce sens, précise Al akhbar, loi 131-13, promulgated in 2015 prior to the entry 46 that 'the medecins not only have the visible effect and readability of the spaces of the medical cabinets or in the other salles d'attente or, echéant, among the most frequent exercises, the rates of honorary medical benefits and the benefits which they render.

For a couple, the need for everyday life, the same stipule in the article 73 that 'the doctors administering to the patients in their clinics in the course of making a presupposition to the presumed hospital for the regimentation in force. The entire infringement of the provisions of this paragraph is in the light of a major increase in compliance in accordance with the legislation concerning the release of competition and competition.

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