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Prisoners sentenced to long prison terms

Hajar Raissouni receives a year in prison and her fiance. The doctor is sentenced to two years in prison.


Doulores epilogue in the case of Hajar Raissouni. The 28-year-old journalist, accused of "abortion" and "sex outside marriage", was sentenced on September 30 to a year in prison by the Rabat court of first instance. Your fiance gets the same punishment.

The doctor accused of abortion was sentenced to two years in prison, a two-year sentence banning the practice of medicine.

Her lawyer, however, provided evidence that Hajar Raissouni could not be pregnant when she went to his office.

The doctor's team, his assistant and his secretary were sentenced to eight months in prison.

All defendants were also fined 500 dirhams.

While the hearing was in shock and the accused's families were crying after the verdict was delivered, the defense announced its intention to appeal.

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