Philips Hue launches LiFi bulbs that provide 150 Mbps Internet connection


Signify, the company that sells Philips Hue products has just announced a range of LiFi lamps called Trulifi. The company is aimed at customers who want to switch to wireless solutions that do not use radio waves to share an Internet connection, unlike WiFi. The brand announces rates of up to 150 Mbps.

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LiFi has been talked about for a number of years, but it is slow to actually get into families and businesses. Signify, formerly Philips Lighing, wants to be part of the companies that carry this revolution and has just announced a break of Li-Fi lamps called Trulifi. The company wants to bring the Internet to light for everyone and thinks first and foremost of hospitals and businesses where radio waves can interfere with sensitive devices.

Philips Hue launches Trulifi, a range of LiFi lamps that transmit data at 150 Mbps

Products using LiFi technology have been demonstrated several times in the past. This technology enables the transmission of data by light, with data rates 10 times higher and much more stable than WiFi. Instead of spreading the Internet to your smartphone or computer, thanks to radio waves that use WiFi and 4G, the LiFi does this through the light.

For the time being, the first commercial LiFi products are almost non-existent for the simple reason that standard specifications are not yet defined. For this reason, almost no device builder (smartphones, tablets, computers or TVs) offers compatible chips. So for now, you have to go through an adapter to receive the Li-Fi.

However, some companies already offer solutions using technology that is not yet very affordable. To this end, Signify primarily professional targets and companies likely to be interested in their products. These include offices, hospitals, hotels and airlines (Li-Fi on aircraft), etc. Until the democratization of this technology, which should begin in 2021, year in which the specifications of the standard are expected.

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