Orange Cyberdefense settles in Morocco


OThe Orange Group is strengthening its position in Morocco by establishing its subsidiary Orange Cyberdefense, which specializes in protecting digital assets.

"The protection of digital uses is one of the strategic activities of the Orange Group," explains Yves Gauthier, CEO of Orange Maroc.

"This is an additional service we offer to our customers in the Kingdom so they can start their digital transformation with confidence. With Orange Cyberdefense at our side, we are convinced we can impress true leadership in the field of security in Morocco."

It is expected that this entity employs about 50 cybersecurity specialists by the end of 2020.

"We will be able to benefit our Moroccan customers know-how acquired in all economic areas: services to industry through the administrations," says Emmanuel Cheriet, director of Orange Cyberdefense Morocco.

"In particular, we will have extensive oversight capability with our Security Operations Centers (SOCs), which are distributed around the world to provide 24/7 monitoring.

We will also invest in the training camp with the Moroccan academic fabric to guarantee the highest level of specialization. "

Cyberdefense Orange also aims to extend the influence and impact of the Orange Morocco beyond the boundaries of the Kingdom.

Thus, Orange Cyberdefense CEO Michel Van Den Berghe confided that "Orange Cyberdefense Morocco is a priority service for Kingdom companies. It also aims to become a regional hub to serve our customers in other African countries, such as Senegal or to Côte d'Ivoire.

It is a real strategic choice to invest in this Moroccan platform for our African development. "

The fact that Orange Cyberdefense is part of the Worldwide Network of Incident Response Centers (CERTs) also offers the benefit of the most reactive sources of information in the event of cyber attacks.
Orange Cyberdefense is the number one French digital security company with more than 1,500 employees worldwide.

The Orange Group's cybersecurity division is active in all areas of digital asset protection: from auditing and consulting to assessing security needs, to examining compliance with various national and international laws, up to & # 39; for organizations.


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