Neymar in the match? Pierre Maturana feels the great catastrophe


Paris Saint-Germain will have work during this offseason. In addition to the recruits, the club will have to deal with cases of Neymar and Mbappé.

The advocates of Paris Saint-Germain I really do not know which foot to dance to. The leaders of Ile-de-France brought Leonardo back, but Neymar departed from the capital. The Brazilian, who has multiplied injuries and business since his arrival, would not be against a return to Barca to believe in the Spanish press. If observers are mixed about a possible match, Pierre Maturana does not understand that decision.

Losing Neymar would threaten the balance of the Pierre Maturana project

In the set of The current the team, the reporter was clear. For him, the exit of Neymar would be a blow to the QSI. "You still lose Neymar, the best player in the world after the two monsters Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, you would put a bullet at the bottom of your project." Anything that was not done before Neymar arrived, recruiting players around him, I do not have anything against Griezmann, but it's not the same level, Neymar, all the games he's been up in spite of his wounds, and if Griezmann comes, it would be a choice, not a fault, that's me. bother "said Pierre Maturana, who hopes Paris will keep the Brazilian crack.


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