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MRE voting debate returns to Parliament and unites WFP and PJD

per Hassan Benadad 10/22/2019 at 10:52 pm

El Othmani Parliament

The head of government, Saad Eddine El Othmani, in Parliament.

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Kiosque360. The debate over the MRE vote, frozen by the previous government, is now back on the carpet. PJD parliamentarians join forces with WFP opponents to call for activation of Article 17 of the Constitution. The Deputy Minister of the ERM approves and evokes consensus.

The debate over the right of Moroccans living in the electoral elections is back on the eve of the 2021 legislative elections. The previous government refused to amend the laws governing the elections and opposed the direct participation of Moroccan residents abroad. Benkirane and the company justified this refusal by the Executive's inability to provide the necessary logistics by only supporting proxy voting. One member of the PJD dissociated himself from the position of the Islamists, considering that proxy voting is an injustice to the MRE. This is the current minister responsible for MRE Nezha El Ouafi, who asked for consensus on this topic during the oral questioning session held Monday in the Chamber of Deputies.

The consensus on the vote of Moroccans living abroad is, according to one MP, with a lot of ink and saliva. Indeed, political party leaders multiplied meetings with the Moroccan community abroad, where they opened various branches. The WFP group in the House of Representatives urged the government to implement the provisions of the Constitution on this issue, noting that "Article 17 grants Moroccans around the world full citizenship rights, including the right to vote and stand in local, regional and local elections. nationals ".

The diary Al Ahdath Al Maghribia reports in its Wednesday, October 23, issue that the WFP has found an unexpected ally with the inveterate PJD. Islamic leader Slimane El Amrani also called for the implementation of Article 17 of the Constitution, stating that "the MRE proxy vote has shown its limits and has no value. The Constitution guarantees Moroccans living abroad the right to vote and apply from of your country of residence ". In her reply, the MRE Deputy Minister called for the opening of a broad debate on the voting and candidacy of Moroccans living abroad. Nezha El Ouafi believes that to achieve this goal, "it is necessary to have a clear vision and a global perception of the MRE vote and candidacy in order to create a national consensus capable of activating Article 17 of the Constitution."

Article 17 states that "Moroccans living abroad enjoy the rights of full citizenship, including the right to vote and to stand for election. They may run for election on local, regional and national lists and constituencies. The law establishes specific criteria for eligibility and incompatibility. It also determines the conditions and modalities for the effective exercise of the right to vote and to vote from the country of residence. " It is worth remembering that under the Benkirane government, Interior Minister Mohamed Hassad acknowledged Morocco's inability to establish polling stations in several countries, such as the United States, among others.

By Hassan Benadad

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